Hunter Lab Pinot Grape Skin Bath Soak

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A new release from Hunter Lab this natural detoxifying vinotheraphy bath soak is crafted with antioxidant rich grape skins and seeds and cranberry extract to nourish skin.

Epsom and Rock salts relax muscles, increase blood circulation and help draw out impurities.

The result is a skin enriching, mind and muscle relaxing bath soak with the calming scent of pinot grapes and cranberry.


Bursting with natural antioxidant properties, grape skins, seeds and oils are anti-inflammatory, helping exfoliate the top layers of skin away whilst promoting moisture restoration and aiding the penetration of other ingredients.


This super berry is high in antioxidants, neutralising free radicals and the damage they cause. Cranberries’ high percentage of Vitamin C evens out your skin tone and helps protect it from the weathers extremities.


This wondrous ingredient contains high volumes of sulphates and magnesium. Once dissolved in warm water, together, these two minerals have advantageous effects - the sulphates flush toxins and heavy metals from the cells, helping your muscles to relax, sedate the nervous system and soften and soothe the skin. When stress occurs in our lives our body is depleted from magnesium; Epsom salts replenish those depleted levels of magnesium, helping produce the chemical serotonin in our brain, leaving us feel calm and relaxed.


Due to its high cleansing and detoxifying properties, rock salts allow the skin to breathe and increase circulation, leaving your skin looking younger and healthier.

Pour a generous amount of salts into the bath whilst water is running. Once finished, remove excess grape skins from bath and wipe clean.