Let's Drink!

Let's Drink!

A guide to staying hydrated

Fitness. Written by Ronan MacEwan, Melbourne

The only certainties in life are supposedly limited to death and taxes. However you could quite easily add: drinking water. Though it’s inescapable, a lot of us don’t do it right. After all, you seemingly function well enough without taking in the daily recommended dose of 2 Litres. However, dehydration immediately affects your performance in a bunch of subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle ways. With even a mild 2% dehydration impacting on your body’s functions, we have some tips for knowing when to take a swig of the old H2O.

First, keep an eye on the symptoms. The most obvious signs of dehydration are thirst, a dry mouth and body cramps; it’s worth responding to these physiological broadcasts which show dehydration has advanced and is settling in. Others, such as fatigue, headaches and dizziness, we might put down to stress or lack of sleep, but potentially could be cured with a glass of water. Keep in mind, your brain is 85% water, so there are also psychological and and mental indicators of when we’re not getting enough.

Second, factor into account your body’s activity. With bodies composed of 70% water, it's unsurprising that it plays a pretty major role in key bodily processes. But the cost of that is loss of water. So if you’re breathing, sweating or using the toilet a lot, you’re spending your body’s reserves of water. And with that dehydration, your body will have less water for processing food or facilitating enzymes vital for stoking your energy levels. As a consequence, your workout is going to feel a lot harder and unnecessarily so.

Third, work water into your day. Keep water bottles handy, either at your workspace throughout the day or ready for your next workout. Start and end your day with a glass and always drink water during meals as your body will need extra around these times. Use good quality sea-salts in your meals; the elements can assist cell health and hydration. Stick away from coffee and alcohol or, if it’s unavoidable, make sure you compensate and increase your water intake. 

In fact, why don't you have a glass now?

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Primal Instinct

Primal Instinct

How Zuu Is Liberating Human Movement


Welcome to the first of our movement series. In these journal posts, we’ll be exploring unique fitness programs and techniques that match our belief that fitness involves a holistic and considered approach to body movement. We’ll share creative and innovative developments that move us beyond basic weights, equipment and tired old routines.

The Zuu training format is based around a set series of dynamic body weight movements mixed together in a high intensity cardio and body conditioning training format. It’s been featured on ESPN, used by the Royal Navy and Airforce and is currently being run through selected affiliates in Australia, Singapore, US and Europe, including Virgin Active and Goodlife gyms.

The Practical Man caught up with founder Nathan Helberg to hear why he thinks Zuu is unlike any other program out there and back his claim that it’s set to “liberate human movement”.


Tell us the story of Zuu. How did it come about?

ZUU emerged from the rivalry between 2 brothers: Myself, with my background in bodybuilding, and my little brother who trained as a gymnast. Our backgrounds meant that in training we could both lift heavy weights, but when it came to movement I was stunned at how vulnerable my joints felt. So I began a quest to maintain my strength, but develop my athleticism and mobility. Thus ZUU was born.


Why is Zuu unique?

Zuu’s uniqueness comes from mixing foundation moves from martial arts and dance with moves that are unique to the animal world. The result is the creation of a low impact, high heart rate workout with no equipment, which means you can do it anywhere.


What would you say are the top 3 standout benefits of Zuu?

Mobility, Low Impact, and High-end conditioning.


Can I replace other cardio training like running with Zuu?

Absolutely! I utilise it regularly as a movement consultant to the Armed Forces & elite sports to assist them to achieve high-end conditioning, full joint mobility & cardio conditioning without the need to run.


Do I need to be at a certain fitness level to start the training?

Absolutely not. We encourage everyone to get involved via our ZUUin2 program. This involves just 2 minutes movement, 3 times a day to help you gain huge benefits, no matter your fitness level.


Can you give us an insight into your personal weekly training regime?

Every morning I go through my mobility drills, such as ZUUin2 which I am committed in getting the world to do. If I’m going on tour to elite sports or armed forces, I ramp up my training sessions to 2-3 hrs a day beforehand. This enables me to hold a very high standard in these elite environments to hopefully inspire others by example.


Where can I do Zuu?

We have lots of registered training affiliates as well as our HQ on the Gold Coast and you can find all the registered trainers on our website.


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