Top Fitness Trends

The fitness trends you need to know about in 2017

We round up our pick of emerging fitness and wellness trends set to shake up your training routine in the coming year.

Sports Specific Training

While looking like an athlete has always been a desirable goal for most people, training like one has only recently become a popular way to sweat it out.

People are also realising that while they work out for their sport, it also counts as a traditional workout and has similar ‘side’ effects, such as weight loss and increased muscle tone and mobility.

More personal trainers are now specialising in sports-specific training for the general public and small group sessions are starting to incorporate specific movements for cycling, golf and running.


Recovery Tech

With the wellness market ever expanding and individuals training more regularly and more intensely, recovery is becoming a big business, with facilities offering tech-fueled treatments such as cryotherapy and infrared saunas to reduce post-workout soreness, improve muscle blood flow, and even ease injuries to get better faster.

Cryotherapy essentially involves blasting your body with liquid nitrogen cooled to between 150 and 200 degrees celsius. Sleek facilities such as GravityCryo in Melbourne’s South Yarra offer 3-minute treatments in their Cryotherapy Stations followed by a “warm up” in a specially designed area with exercise equipment.


Hardcore Parkour

If you've already reached peak climbing, then 2017 will be the year you abandon the indoor wall and hit the great outdoors, scaling walls and jumping off rails: parkour is officially being recognised as a sport by Olympics officials.

With the surge of body weight, indoor climbing and calisthenics training the natural progression is taking those skills and using them in non-traditional environments. With free runners taking footage of their gravity-defying feats, Instagram accounts such as Los Angeles TempestFreeRunning and Malaysia’s thealphamovements have made the sport a legitimate global fitness trend.


Mind Body Combined Workouts

No one disputes the mind-body connection when it comes to wellness. What’s interesting about what’s happening now is that meditation practices are now being integrated into different style conditioning classes from HITT Training sessions to CrossFit WODS across premium gym brands and boutique studios.

Fitness businesses are also becoming aware of the importance to create balance within their clients' training schedules and give more options of meditative and relaxation classes to combine with the ever present high-intensity workouts.


Traditional Gymnastics Sessions

With the popularity of bodyweight training and CrossFit holding strong, traditional gymnastics is making a comeback. Specialist facilities and online programs are springing
up, led by industry heavy weights such as former US National Coach Christopher Sommer preaching rigorous attention to proper form and mobility that will bulletproof your body as well as beach-ready it.

Clients are also seeing how other body weight strength pursuits such as CrossFit and Obstacle Course Racing benefit with the controlled technical method of the traditional format.