Meet The Founders: Ron Dorff

An interview with Claus Lindorff

Born out of the partnership of Jérôme Touron, a Frenchman, and Claus Lindorff, a Swede, Ron Dorff—a simple elision of their two last names—France based label Rondorff is the logical outcome of their combined origins. Aligning classic Parisian taste with Swedish functionality, Ron Dorff is a new idea of sportswear: smart, modern and sharp. Neither precious nor overly casual, Ron Dorff concerns itself with beyond-basics: perfect pieces with athletic heritage that perform flawlessly at the gym, and are chic to be worn on the street as well.


What's your main goal with Ron Dorff, beyond world domination of course...

Offering a new kind of functional and elegant sportswear brand for the urban man to be worn when off work, at home, at the gym or during the weekend. No frills, no logos, simply top-quality pieces with an impeccable cut. The perfect running shorts, the perfect sweatshirt, the perfect swim trunks…

How has the brand evolved over time to where you are right now?

The brand was initially centered around the gym but has expanded to offer all a man needs, not only for working out but also before and after including underwear, homewear, swimwear and bodycare. The printed sweatshirt however remains our core product.

Where do you see Ron Dorff evolving to, ending up at?

For me, Ron Dorff should remain a true men’s brand. It is so rare these days, (for commercial reasons), that a brand is catering exclusively to men. I think it’s great if for once men could have something to themselves ! ☺ (…we do however offer a mini-capsule collection called His For Her offering some of the bestsellers to our clients’ girlfriends).

Talk to us briefly about the balance of functional sportswear mixed with streetwear and how Ron Dorff accommodates it?

The Swedish design approach, whether fashion or interior design, has always been around the notion that less is more. If a detail doesn’t have a function, then don’t apply it. This is very much the Ron Dorff way of designing but adding to this that touch of French je ne sais quoi which gives it an elegant and chic look.

What’s been Ron Dorff’s most successful capsule release to date?

I would say the Skin Discipline bio bodycare line in collaboration with Face Stockholm. All the products: shampoo, body shower, body scrub, the Swedish massage oil, have been developed with active ingredients harvested north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden such as Arctive Cloudberry and Arctic Lingonberry. This line has become a massive success around the world and in November we’re launching a Skin Discipline Beard Conditioner for our increasing number of bearded clients.

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