The Practical Man in underwear by Ron Dorff


Why clean aesthetics don’t have to stop with your outerwear

Briefs, undies, jocks. Whatever you call them, less is more. If you subscribe to this mode of thought – where simplicity of product, design and style is celebrated through the stripping down of something to its purest form and purpose – you’ve most likely acquired a well-crafted wardrobe with particular attention to the details. From those versatile-yet-luxe sweatpants and a classic flight jacket, to the perfect white tee and logo-less sneakers, your everyday wear is the utmost in timeless simplicity. Now look at your underwear.

Chances are, your boxers or briefs aren’t as minimal as the rest of the clothing you meticulously curate. Walk around the house in your drawers, and you’ll probably look like a moving billboard for whatever brand of underwear it is you’re wearing. Why is it so difficult to find stylish, well-made underwear with no – or close to no – branding?


Timeless Classics Made With Organic Pima Cotton: The White Briefs

Timeless Classics Made With Organic Pima Cotton: The White Briefs

Enter The White Briefs. Established in 2009 by husband and wife team Peter and Henriette Simonsson, this Swedish brand began with one, aptly simple mission: to craft classic, white briefs that focused on not only the finest material, but the design details that maximize comfort too. Eight years on, and the duo has transferred this minimalist ethos to its line of t-shirts and polo shirts.

Elsewhere, Swedish-French brand Ron Dorff – headed up by Jérôme Touron and Claus Lindorff – is also eschewing brash branding, instead opting for a mix of pure functionality and elegance. The only thing that alludes to the origin of a Ron Dorff garment is a discrete pair of black lacquered eyelets bearing the brand’s moniker in white. Like The White Briefs, Paris-based RD’s underwear is strictly no frills, no fuss – just the finest Jersey cotton available.


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