Industrial Vision

A few years ago Astro Studios who are behind the Xbox 360 and the Nike Fuelband, embarked on a journey to redesign and rethink watches with a focus on futuristic influences and an industrial aesthetic. With this in mind they created Minus-8, a name referencing the West Coast's time zone, where the watches are designed.

The inception of Minus-8 came as an instinctual observation that despite the myriad of choices in the watch world, there was something else that could be said through a timepiece.

The DNA of Minus-8 comes through its signature “layered” look which is featured in the Minus-8 Layer 24 and Minus-8 Layer models. Six layers of 316L stainless steel are individually sealed together to create a stadium effect adding depth to the watch face. The layered rings create a 3D landscape on the interior of the case, a unique architecture demonstrating levels of timekeeping information. This process took over a year to develop and resulted in a striking watch case that communicates precision and a modern aesthetic. The watches are bold statement pieces; they are not meant to be for a man with a small wrist looking for a dainty timepiece.The bonded layers allow Minus-8 to add colour and personality to the watches.

Late last year, Minus-8 also introduced the Square Chrono a model that is the embodiment of a classic aviation timepiece. The Minus-8 Square Chrono was created out of a passion to build a contemporary version of this classical style. Square pilot watches have a long history in the aviation world, arriving in 1904, only one year later after the Wright Brothers’ first flight. Their robust construction and clear, easy-to-read dials have endured since.

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