Time to set sail

Boutique swimwear brand Onia draws its name from the Hebrew word for ‘ship’; pronounced o-nee-ah (and not ‘on ya’ as us Australians might be tempted to veer towards). The nautical name from an ancient language is fitting for this stylish swimwear brand’s timeless, simple and long-lasting trunks, tees, totes, and jackets, perfect for watery destinations or casual weekend jaunts.

Like any good seacraft, one thing that stands out is the intricate, rigorously researched construction which takes care to get the minute details right. Examples include the custom designed metal components, fray resistant and alloy reinforced drawstrings, concealed snap closures, long-lasting zippers and quick-drying mesh and fabrics.

And while most swimwear is mass produced using generic factory methods, Onia employ a technique on their cleanly sown outer and inner seams that’s usually reserved for luxury dress pants. The discerning eye can spot the subtle sleekness – as well as added toughness – this provides. Technologically advanced fabrics are carefully chosen to provide a mix of soft comfort, stretch, durability and quick drying, whether it's their signature Onia cloth cotton blend or their subtle tonal prints, including portuguese stripes, century-old mill sourced Spanish seersucker, gingham, or the eye-catching and vibrant Onia Art Fabric.

With summer never far away and the pool always calling, put together a quick outfit with the tailored cut of their Ike Terry Shorts combined with the breathable and soft Joey Tee. Load up your beach gear with Onia’s excellent foldable tote, which’ll keep your stuff sand-free with the full zip enclosure.


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