Old-fashioned methods with a unique style

Top quality materials, unique style and old-fashioned production methods makes the building blocks of SPALWART, a Stockholm-based fashion company started in 2010 by Christopher Brattin and Fredrik Johansson. Two individuals with over 20 years of experience in the shoe design industry.

It was on a business trip to an old shoe factory in Slovakia where Christoffer Brattin found several old shoe molds from the 50’s. Brattin started experimenting with the molds and machines, creating shoes in the process and brought home a few pairs to his colleague, which jolted their interest in the potential of starting a footwear company.

Brattin and Johansson emphasize the importance of top quality material and lining, something the average consumer won’t be aware of. “Those who know, they know.” Brattin mentions in an interview with Vogue.

Since every SPALWART shoe is composed of high-quality leather and nylon, they work as a comfortable yet long-lasting shoe, usable for your everyday occurrences as well as going for a walk or a session at the gym.


The brand bases its production of shoes in Slovakia, with the same methods that were used 60 years ago in the same place. Since old imperfect molds are used in the vulcanization of the soles, the results are always unique. Every shoe has its own tactile robustness, which is a product of the method being used, and is handcrafted in the factory, which contributes to a retro yet modern looking shoe.

After receiving critical acclaim for their exceptional line of footwear the duo have now debuted their first apparel line. The collection brings the same authentic feel with a focus on classic sports basics with a fashion edge. Sweats in luxe French terry combine with layering pieces for versatile everyday wear.


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