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Starman Wind Cycling Jacket

Cycling's New Best Friend

The Starman Wind Jacket by Huez* is cycling gear par excellence. Ironically, one of its standout features is not about wearing it – it’s the ability to take it off.

The Starman is the first wind jacket with a Quickburst zip. This allows the rider to use one hand, while on the move, to simply pull at the centre of the jacket to release the zip and quickly tear it off. Which means you can rip it off and pack it away in 10 seconds. It’s a small, graceful design touch that's sure to impress and one that you’ll come to appreciate on a daily basis, especially when riding conditions are variable.

The material is cut out of Japanese Ripstop, which makes it super light and tough, weighing in at only 110 grams. Riding can mean changeable weather and, handily, the Starman comes with a small self-contained pouch for easy stowage and access in your jersey pocket. The durable water repellant coating makes it more than capable of keeping pesky light showers at bay.

The jacket’s elongated tail keeps your rear covered, and the spinning star silicone gripper fixes it in place while riding and stops it from bunching up. The wind resistance is excellent and the built in collar means your neck will stay warm. The jacket also features unique Darklight reflectors, popper pockets in the rear, and multiple vents to enable aerodynamics and keep you cool.

David Bowie once sang of a Starman waiting in the sky who couldn’t come and meet us because he was afraid he’d blow our minds. Could it have been because he was wearing this slick jacket? We’d like to think so.

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