The Story Behind Newline’s HALO Collection

Sportswear Inspired by the danish special forces

Helge Petersen was serving in the Danish military when he came up with the idea of starting Newline, one of Europe’s most innovative sportswear brands.

The brainwave was prompted by a training exercise that required him to jump out of a plane with a parachute. As he glided through the sky, he glanced up and noticed something interesting: his parachute was made out of a material that was incredibly water-resistant. It had an uncanny capacity to remain dry despite the abundance of moisture in the clouds.


Upon landing, Petersen started to wonder: “Would it be possible to use the same synthetic textile to manufacture running clothes that repelled sweat?” As it turned out, the answer was yes, and, in 1981, Petersen used this knowledge to launch Newline.


Thirty-five years on, the brand has grown into a powerhouse, producing everything from hoodies to compression tights. It has become a favourite amongst Scandinavian sportspeople, including Finnish javelin thrower Jenni Kangas and Swedish triathlete Lisa Norden. A handful of elite Kenyan marathon runners have also professed themselves to be fans.


Why do these people find Newline so desirable? A lot of it has to do with the company’s commitment to quality, and ability to balance innovation with heritage. Newline has never forgotten the story of its founder, and is proud to celebrate its military roots. Not too long ago, the brand even teamed up with Copenhagen-based designers Rasmus Storm and Malkit Singh to produce a line of products inspired by the Danish Special Forces. The collection is called HALO (an acronym for High Altitude Low Opening), and features subtle colour pallets, durable fabrics and subtle references to military uniforms.


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