Fashion and movement haven’t always gone hand in hand. In the past, guys had to choose: feel stiff and look great? Or feel comfortable and look sloppy? Nowadays, with accelerated fashion technology, state of the art fabrics and designers who understand the fast-paced lifestyle of their customer, there’s no need to sacrifice freedom of movement – and your overall health – for the sake of style.

Whether you’re conscious of it or not, slipping into uncomfortable, tight or badly cut garments can immediately affect your everyday performance. Consider this: you wake up, maybe stretch, then put on a slim fit shirt and jacket and suddenly, you’re unable to move as freely as you could just moments ago. Your shoulders are restricted as you reach down to tie your laces; your spine is tight; throughout the day sitting becomes easier than moving; and at the end of the day, walking to the train or home seems way too difficult.


Huez* Sports Tailored Blazer

Huez* Sports Tailored Blazer

Style aside, the way your body moves – or doesn’t move – is important. Flexion, extension, rotation, breathing and posture are all functions affected by the clothes you wear, and if these are restricted on a daily basis, you risk developing long term health issues such as back pain, breathing problems, skin rashes and bad circulation. Instead, when your clothing is constructed with the correct silhouette for maximum comfort and practicality, you are more likely to move your body in all the ways it is designed to.

But it’s not just your physical health that is affected by your wardrobe. The psychology of fashion says that the way you dress can affect your confidence, perception of self, mood and behaviour. If you feel good in what you’re wearing, you’re more likely to reap the rewards of projecting a more positive mindset during your day.

While traditional office wear still presents a challenge for those wanting to dress functionally, options are definitely becoming more available. British cycling brand, Huez, has designed a formal inspired, stylish suit jacket with a silhouette that allows for a forward lean position on a bike, allowing men to dress comfortably for both the commute and the office; style and performance is at the forefront of the minds of more and more designers; and the active wear as life wear trend continues to reign supreme.

The verdict is in: discover smart designs, prioritise performance, and move.