Triumph & Disaster x The PRactical Man Shave

The Secret to a Close Shave

What your Father may not have taught you
By Dion Nash, Founder Triumph & Disater

When we started to build the Triumph & Disaster range of skincare products, we considered the connection between father and son an integral component of this as we wanted to tap into the idea of ‘handed down wisdom’. -Dion Nash, Founder of Triumph & Disaster

However, the closer T&D looked the more they realised that there was in fact very little grooming wisdom being passed down from most parents of our generation. Some were lucky enough to be taught to shave by their Dads, others were simply given a razor and left to their own devices to work it through; virtually none had spoken about grooming, sun protection or indeed, moisturiser. So, in an effort to fill this void, T&D has penned a little advice for the modern antipodean gent.


Firstly, it’s about getting your skin fit, like you might do a workout to get you lungs or muscles up to the task - it’s the same with skin. Skin is an organ, it needs a good routine and the right disciplines in order to function properly.


It starts with cleaning and exfoliating to remove the excess oils that have oxidised, spoiled and otherwise discoloured the surface of your skin. Exfoliation we encourage twice a week, Mondays and Fridays, once for business, once for pleasure. Exfoliation will slough away the top of layer of dead skin, in so doing removing the pockets that catch the excess skin oil allowing it to gather and discolour or spoil. So exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate.


When you are not exfoliating then simply clean, every day, but not with soap. Soap will dry out skin and strip the good oil from your face. Instead, use a gentle, natural cleanser that does not have alcohol in it. Alcohol is a no, no, and don’t let anyone tell you different, it's paint thinner, plain and simple. The reason we want to be gentle and not harsh is to clean the excess oil and grime away but not take with it the good healthy skin oils (sebum) that nourish and protect the skin beneath. These we want to keep and work with, like the good energy for skin. By not stripping the skin of all its oil we are helping skin to regulate its oil production, ridding it of the boom and bust mentality of the 80’s and replacing it with a calm, regular production of oil, in turn getting skin fit and preventing oily or dry skin issues.


Once we have clean skin the we need a great shave. Again no alcohol in the shave cream, watch out for this, most mens products will be stacked with denatured alcohol or just plain alcohol. Avoid these, likewise menthol, they are both irritants that have no role in creating a great shave, but plenty to do with irritation and dry skin. Instead we recommend a natural-based shave cream (or oil, gel etc.) that delivers a thin slick and soft lather.   


Here’s our step by step guide to a close shave
  1. Calm the surface of the skin and soften hair follicles by applying warm water or a warm towel to the face.
  2. Apply a small amount of Old Fashioned Shave Cream to either a shave brush or palm of your hand. Do not use too much water as the shave cream is designed to work upon itself, too much water 'wets out' the cream.
  3. Using a shave brush or your hand create a bold lather on the area you will shave. 
  4. Using a fresh razor shave clean in long smooth strokes, being careful to pull with the natural grain of your hair follicles. 
  5. Rinse clean and attack the day. 


The final step in getting skin fit is to use a great moisturiser over the top of fresh, clean skin. Something that does not use synthetic chemicals, alcohol or menthol. A great natural moisturiser should trap in the skins good clean oils creating a translucent barrier between the skin and the outside world. Moisturiser should have ingredients that complement the make up of skin and work to hydrate dry skin, relieve irritated skin or calm inflamed skin. So choose carefully, a great moisturiser that works for you can be hard to find, once you get one that works, stick with it and use it every day.


The good news is it’s not too late for our Dads either! This Father’s Day, we encourage you to take a swim upstream for a change and treat your dad with a good skincare and grooming routine.  Let’s do what they might not have done for us, let’s teach them well.