Stockholm-based footwear company Spalwart have a distinguished style, one that was born from the discovery of old machinery and moulds. The brand manufacture their shoes in the same factory using the same moulds and machinery that have been used since the 1950s, which contributes to their non-perfect, but all the more characteristic, beauty

27 Spalwart

Coaches Jacket
Spalwart Coaches Jacket


Coaches Wool Pant
Spalwart Coaches Wool Pant


Marathon Trail Low (Cement)
Spalwart Marathon Trail Low (Cement)


Marathon Trail Low (Navy)
Spalwart Marathon Trail Low (Navy)


Pitch Trainers
Spalwart Pitch Trainers


Premium Ribbed Vest
Spalwart Premium Ribbed Vest


Special Low
Spalwart Special Low

Was $139 Now $112.20

Special Mid
Spalwart Special Mid


Special Mid BS
Spalwart Special Mid BS


Team Crew Sweater
Spalwart Team Crew Sweater


Team Elastic Belt
Spalwart Team Elastic Belt


Team Official Gym Bag
Spalwart Team Official Gym Bag


Team Official Tote
Spalwart Team Official Tote


Team Premium T-shirt
Spalwart Team Premium T-shirt


Team Sport Cap
Spalwart Team Sport Cap


Team Sport Melton Cap
Spalwart Team Sport Melton Cap


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