Journal - August 15



Time to set sail

Boutique swimwear brand Onia draws its name from the Hebrew word for ‘ship’; pronounced o-nee-ah (and not ‘on ya’ as us Australians might be tempted to veer towards). The nautical name from an ancient language is fitting for this stylish swimwear brand’s timeless, simple and long-lasting trunks, tees, totes, and jackets, perfect for watery destinations or casual weekend jaunts.

Like any good seacraft, one thing that stands out is the intricate, rigorously researched construction which takes care to get the minute details right. Examples include the custom designed metal components, fray resistant and alloy reinforced drawstrings, concealed snap closures, long-lasting zippers and quick-drying mesh and fabrics.

And while most swimwear is mass produced using generic factory methods, Onia employ a technique on their cleanly sown outer and inner seams that’s usually reserved for luxury dress pants. The discerning eye can spot the subtle sleekness – as well a...

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Journal - December 13

Seriously Stylish Swimwear

Seriously Stylish Swimwear

Timo Trunks

For many men planning a holiday involving a water activity of some kind does not always mean considering a good beach wardrobe. The British brand Orlebar Brown found a gap in the men’s swimwear and athletic market, and in turn began selling some of the best pieces available today, combining both fit and performance in an otherwise overlooked garment. Yet having said that, the swimwear market for men, as it stands today, is littered with oversized board shorts or Speedo-like briefs with tasteless embellishing.

 Timo Trunks follows a paradigm similar to Orlebar Brown, only it focuses on even more limited inventory that is modern and functional. Available in unique, solid colors, Timo uniquely partners with graphic artists to deliver some of the most smile-inducing swimwear pieces found in the markets today. While some of the designs may come across as a little too strong or even irreverent at times, the fit in which the shorts are cut, complement the garment creat...

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42 Swimming

Beach Boy Bag / Pillow
The White Briefs Beach Boy Bag / Pillow

Was $149 Now $89.40

Beach Boy Shorts
The White Briefs Beach Boy Shorts

Was $159 Now $95.40

Beach Towel Discipline
Ron Dorff Beach Towel Discipline

Was $119 Now $71.40

Captain Trunks Grey Red
Timo Captain Trunks Grey Red


Centro Messenger Bag
Crafted Goods Centro Messenger Bag


Chapped Skin Remedy
Buckler's Remedy Chapped Skin Remedy


Edition Trunks Bauhaus 01
Timo Edition Trunks Bauhaus 01


Edition Trunks Camo Green
Timo Edition Trunks Camo Green


Edition Trunks Escher Blue
Timo Edition Trunks Escher Blue


Edition Trunks Escher Blue Beige
Timo Edition Trunks Escher Blue Beige


Edition Trunks Escher Orange
Timo Edition Trunks Escher Orange


Edition Trunks Escher Red
Timo Edition Trunks Escher Red


Long Prep Trunks Camo Blue
Timo Long Prep Trunks Camo Blue


Maximum Strength Hand Balm
Brickell Maximum Strength Hand Balm


Prep Trunks Parrot Green
Timo Prep Trunks Parrot Green


Skin Discipline After Beach
Ron Dorff Skin Discipline After Beach

Was $45 Now $27

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