Journal - September 1

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices

Technical Apparel for Recreation

What other fitness brand can you think of that makes beer cozies? This is just one example of the irreverence, casualness and fun that sets Outdoor Voices (more simply known as OV) apart from the pack. The Practical Man is proud and excited to stock their clean and minimal designs which balance neutral colours with subtle, textured detail in a strong range of shorts, sweats and crews.

The young brand was founded in 2013 by Tyler Haney, a former track athlete who turned her attention to the apparel business instead. Which is lucky for us. Haney and president Andrew Parietti have created a range that deftly sidesteps the macho cliches and garish neon that feature in much of the fitness landscape. The OV slogan is “Doing Things”. The philosophy behind the slogan motto is that it’s better to be doing things than not doing things – and their clothes reflect this. The range is versatile enough to function brilliantly in intense workouts but stylish e...

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203 Training

Marathon Trail Low (WBHS)
Spalwart Marathon Trail Low (WBHS)


5-Inch Training Short
EYSOM 5-Inch Training Short


8.5" Welded Running Short
Isaora 8.5" Welded Running Short

Was $219.00 Now $139.00

8 Inch Training Short SS17
EYSOM 8 Inch Training Short SS17


Bamboo Tank
Brandblack Bamboo Tank


Bamboo Tank
Brandblack Bamboo Tank


Bombardier Gym Bag
Satisfy Bombardier Gym Bag

Was $279.00 Now $229.00

Bonded Sweatpant
Isaora Bonded Sweatpant

Was $249.00 Now $179.00

Centro Messenger Bag
Crafted Goods Centro Messenger Bag


Cult Moth Eaten Muscle Tee
Satisfy Cult Moth Eaten Muscle Tee

Was $159.00 Now $139.00

Cult Singlet
Satisfy Cult Singlet

Was $179.00 Now $139.00

Damon Fishtail jacket
Brandblack Damon Fishtail jacket

Was $189.00 Now $129.00

Field Sweatpant
Isaora Field Sweatpant


Field Sweatshirt
Isaora Field Sweatshirt

Was $179.00 Now $139.00

Finishline Jacket
Outdoor Voices Finishline Jacket


Flatiron Tank
Outdoor Voices Flatiron Tank


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